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Is "gpm" broken in Woody

Hi All,

Have migrated one PC from Potato to Woody. It was surprisely smooth with one
exception: gpm stopped working completely.

Checked debian-user list. There were many complains about gpm of people who
just migrated. The summary was like this: forget about gpm and configure mouse
properly in X.

Kernel: 2.4.6 with all required settings; GPM is a latest version from Woody
GPM is running without errors but nothing displayed either on text console or
in X thru /dev/gpmdata.

1) Does somebody has gpm running properly after migration from Potato to Woody
at all?
2) Is it a case only with ThinkPad laptop because their PS/2-like pointing
device is not so standard?

Note: This is my second trouble with gpm on laptops. Previously the keyboard
(and gpm) driver in kernel 2.2.{17,18} "was fixed".

If someone has a good reference I would appreciate it.

With best regards,
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