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Re: fetchmail ?? question

Pavel Epifanov <pavel_e@yahoo.com> writes:

> (Sorry for English)
> Fetchmail delivers all mail to user it run under (preferrably not root) by
> using MTA (sendmail,postfix,qmail...). So the format and location are depending
> from your MTA. I do have fetchmail run every 20 minutes by cron under my local
> user and have several users configured with the same mail directory to have
> different signatures and reply-to's.
> --- Evgeny Rachlenko <jenimor@netvision.net.il> wrote:
> > Zdravstvujte uvajaemye kollegi.
> > 
> > Vot reshil postavit' komputer chto by on sobiral moju pochtu izo vseh
> > serverov , i accountov v odin jashik , a ja by zahodil na nego i smotrel na
> > vse jeto bogatstvo .
> > Zapustil fetchmail ,  on jeto skladyvaet neponjatno kuda , mojet i ne im
> > jeto nujno sdelat' , podskajite plz..
> > hochu vse chitat' mutt(om).

man fetchmail(1):line 1804
        The words `here' and `there' have useful English-like sig
       nificance.   Normally  `user  eric is esr' would mean that
       mail for the remote user `eric'  is  to  be  delivered  to
       `esr',  but you can make this clearer by saying `user eric
       there is esr here', or reverse it by saying `user esr here
       is eric there'
                :line 1932
       Here's a version of those two  with  more  whitespace  and
       some noise words:

         poll pop.provider.net proto pop3
             user "jsmith", with password secret1, is "jsmith" here;
         poll other.provider.net proto pop2:
             user "John.Smith", with password "My^Hat", is "John.Smith" here;


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