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Re: fetchmail ?? question

(Sorry for English)
Fetchmail delivers all mail to user it run under (preferrably not root) by
using MTA (sendmail,postfix,qmail...). So the format and location are depending
from your MTA. I do have fetchmail run every 20 minutes by cron under my local
user and have several users configured with the same mail directory to have
different signatures and reply-to's.

--- Evgeny Rachlenko <jenimor@netvision.net.il> wrote:
> Zdravstvujte uvajaemye kollegi.
> Vot reshil postavit' komputer chto by on sobiral moju pochtu izo vseh
> serverov , i accountov v odin jashik , a ja by zahodil na nego i smotrel na
> vse jeto bogatstvo .
> Zapustil fetchmail ,  on jeto skladyvaet neponjatno kuda , mojet i ne im
> jeto nujno sdelat' , podskajite plz..
> hochu vse chitat' mutt(om).
> jdu predlojenij.
> s uvajeniem
> Sincerely,
> Evgeny Rachlenko

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