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Re[2]: Tulebay

On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, tulebay wrote:

> >> > У нас на почтовом сервере, если заходят через другой провайдера и
> >> > настраивают почтовую программу, чтобы он использовал наш smptp сервер.
> >> > То они могут отправлять письма внутри нашей сети, даже если вводят не
> >> > существующий account. Подскажите как закрыть ssmtp, что бы извне
> >> > не заходили.
> >> Опиши проблему поподробнее, если не можешь на русском - хоть на английском.
> OS> Yep! Right remark!
> OS> For examle - I wanna 2 know which MTA installed @ Yours SMTP server.
> OS> If it's sendmail I know desition of Yors problem...
> OS> WBR,
> OS>   Oles' Stovbenko
> OS>   AKA $LY Lord of GloomDaemons.
> We have smail, not sendmail. But they probably similar, so if you know
> how to solve the problem for sendmail, You might help us anyway.
> Best regards,
>  Tulebay                            mailto:tulebay@samal.kz

Edit attached /etc/smail/config according Yours network.
Look for <> brackets & make changes.
Also /etc/networks must contain correct "localnet" definition.
I thing it will work.

Good Luck!
Oles' Stovbenko AKA $LY Lord of GloomDaemons.
# This is the main Smail configuration file.
# Debian Config Version 2
# It was originally generated by `smailconfig', part of the Smail package
# distributed with Debian, but it may edited by the mail system administrator.
# It was originally generated by smailconfig at Fri Feb 12 17:21:45 EET 1999
# Please modify the above line, if you change this file by hand.
# See smail-config (5) for details of the things that can be configured here.




# Debian Config Version 2.1
#               ----------Begin-----------
# You really should know what you do here!
#WARNING:  You will have to add a correct local definition for
#        smtp_remote_allow if you have many local networks, or unset it
#        if you wish to disable this feature (default).
#WARNING:  The current implementation of this feature blocks
#        relay from incoming SMTP to *any* outgoing transport.  This
#        means that even UUCP gateways require explicit permission if
#        this feature is enabled.  
# it's no longer off by default, so all hosts can relay mails over this host.
# as internet get more and more on the dark side .... 
# only mails from the localnet are relayed

#       This flag tells smail to verify the hostnames given in
#       HELO or EHLO SMTP commands.
# it's off by default
# example to switch it on:

# more  helo/ehlo verify switches, see manpages for details

#       A colon-separated list of host IP patterns that are
#       allowed to deliver mail even though they have broken
#       DNS or give incorrect or invalid HELO or EHLO SMTP
#       greetings.
# it's off by default, which mean smtp_hello_broken_allow=*
# example to switch it on:

# Vixie / MAPS RBL (http://maps.vix.com/rbl)
# switch to turn on the Mail Abuse Protection System (MAPS)
# it's off by default
# example to switch it on:
#vixie_rbl_force_allow="[your local ip#]"

# Do not do dns lookups for MAIL FROM: address
# This is debian-Smail only feature... it WILL BE DELETED in the future
# It's only use is for local systems with no working dns System
# It's off by default
# example to switch it on:

received_field="Received: ${if def:sender_host\
         {from $sender_host${if def:sender_host_addr\
         { (really [$sender_host_addr])}} }\
          else {${if def:sender_host_addr\
          {from [$sender_host_addr] }}}}\
         by $visible_name\n\t\
         ${if def:sender_program\
          {via $sender_program }}\
         ${if def:sender_proto\
          {with $sender_proto}\
          else {from stdin}}\
         ${if def:ident_sender\
          { (ident $ident_sender using $ident_method)}}\n\t\
         id <$message_id@$primary_name> (Debian Smail$version)\n\t\
         ${if def:input_addr\
          {for ${top:input_addr}}\
          else {for <unknown>}}\
         ; $spool_date "

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