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Re: \201

Sorry for my broken english.

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Derek L Davies wrote:

> I have nearly got my EMACS set up to deal with Russian encoding and
> display Russian fonts.
 Have you koi8-r encoding ?
I used Emacs 19.34, but i suppose that this should be work for you too.
In file ~/.emacs to display 8-bit char:
(standard-display-european t)

> I can do M-x view-hello-file and I see "Zdrastweetye" in cyrillic.  I
> can type cyrillic without problems.
 Hmmm view-hello-file.  What is it ?

Andrew P. Cherepenko  mailto:cher@inp.nsk.su
BINP, Novosibirsk, Russia

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