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Sorry to ask in english, but I don't speak Po-Russky well enough to
ask in Russian.

I have nearly got my EMACS set up to deal with Russian encoding and
display Russian fonts.

I can do M-x view-hello-file and I see "Zdrastweetye" in cyrillic.  I
can type cyrillic without problems.

The only trouble I've noticed is when I try to read this list.  I read
it with GNUS - not sure how RMAIL would work.  Anyway, every character
of each message from this list is preceeded by "\201".  If I were to
remove all the "\201"'s the message would be displayed correctly.  In
other words, the character after the "\201" is correct (they spell
valid russian words like "kakya" [in Cyrillic chars]).

Anyone know what's wrong?  I'm using emacs 20.5 and X windows.

Spaceba E Paka,

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