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Re: RFS: ruby-aws-sdk (second try)

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 10:28 pm, Cédric Boutillier <boutil@debian.org> wrote:
Dear David,

I am re-reading your mail
about the status of the various versions of ruby-aws-sdk.

As I understand the situation now:
- the source/binary package ruby-aws-sdk-core v3, which was blocking the upgrade path from v1 with a source package src:ruby-aws-sdk providing several binaries,
  was removed from unstable
- you propose with your mail to update and upload the v2
src:ruby-aws-sdk package to unstable (an earlier broken(?) version is
  in experimental)
- we don't discuss yet the upgrade to v3, but it will be needed at some
  point because some rails apps need them (loomio).

If other parties involved in packages using ruby-aws-sdk are ok, I would
be happy to help you get this v2 to unstable.

It would be faster to jump directly to v3, but there are some issues:
- the multibinary layout can help you create a source package from the
  github repo
- but it would result in a huuuuge quantity of binary packages. It is a lot of work for FTP masters to review them (once) and additional load
  on the archive to add so many packages

We discussed this issue a little bit during the sprint, and I kind of
remember that the proposition we had was to have this multibinary source
with only the needed services provided as binary packages. Was it the
statement we reached? Dear participants of the sprint, don't hesitate to
say I am wrong...

I think we abandoned the idea of a single source since each component had independent versions. So we got to go with separate source packages for the services we need.



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