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Re: [Pkg-javascript-devel] Need help with building vendor/autoprefixer.js for ruby-autoprefixer-rais

On വ്യാ, ഫെബ്രു 7, 2019 at 5:12 വൈകു, Jonas Smedegaard <jonas@jones.dk> wrote:
Quoting Pirate Praveen (2019-02-07 12:18:59)
On വ്യാ, ഫെബ്രു 7, 2019 at 3:48 വൈകു, Jonas Smedegaard <jonas@jones.dk> wrote:
 Quoting Pirate Praveen (2019-02-07 09:33:33)
 This was working fine before, I think its breaking now with nodejs
 10 (guess because of reference to buffer in the error and
 remembering some discussions around it).

 Can someone help with this error? I tried adding node-buffer as
 build dependency, but that did not change anything.

For others reading along (because I learned on irc that Praveen wants
 to continue maintain the wrong approach):

It is bad and wrong and unsurprising it falls apart to try to "build"
 vendor/autoprefixer.js - as its path clearly indicates, that is
 convenience code copy from a _different_ upstream project.

 Source package is node-autoprefixer, not ruby-autoprefixer-rails.
 Proper thing to do is to have node-autoprefixer build not only
 targeted Node.js but also targeted browsers, and then have
 ruby-autoprefixer-rails symlink and depend on that.

 ...as has been pointed out numerous times already for those ruby
 packages embedding JavaScript!

 I agree the original approach was not the best. The requirement of
 providing source was met by build depending on node-autoprefixer and
generating this file during ruby-autoprefixer-rails build (this meant
 there was extra effort required to rebuild when node-autoprefixer
changes). But I agree, it is better to build this in node-autoprefixer
 itself, even though upstream does distribute the built file in
 autoprefixer node module.

[seems you missed a "not" in last sentence above]

Thanks for agreeing :-)

 But node-autoprefixer is not building any more (even the original

 I noticed node-fs-extra is using /usr/lib/nodejs

 $ apt-file list node-fs-extra
node-fs-extra: /usr/lib/nodejs/fs-extra/lib/__tests__/promise.test.js

 Shouldn't this be fixed in node-fs-extra?

Sorry, I don't have a clue on that concrete problem - I just want us to deal with that properly within the Node.js environment, not half-way out
the door to Ruby land.

Maybe verify that a) node-fs-extra testsuite is checked during build,
and that b) node-fs-extra is not patched e.g. to bypass some tiny
modules in ways turning out to break for this use-case.

Ignore that, as /usr/share/nodejs was added in nodejs 10, /usr/lib/nodejs was always there.

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