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Re: files in gemspec and gem2deb

Hi Antonio,

Thanks a lot for the explanations.

> Packages using the Rubygems installation layout have this working out of
> the box, so one way to fix all packages would be to convert all packages
> to using the Rubygems layout. I wanted to make dh-make-ruby use that by
> default for new packages at some point.

That seems indeed reasonable. This layout simplifies things quite a bit
for packages shipping not only ruby files, but also data of all sorts,
or programs in an other language.

> *But* the list of files that are installed is controlled by that `files`
> field, so you have a chicken-and-egg problem there.

> Now, with regard to the problem of us still needing to patch a lot of
> packages to replace git ls-files with something sensible, I think we
> could do better, e.g. we could rewrite the source gemfile before running the
> build, and setting the `files`-related fields to something sensible,
> such as variations of `Dir['**/*'].reject { |f| f =~ %r{^debian/} }`.

This looks like a sane default indeed.



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