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Report from the Debian Ruby Sprint in Curitiba, March 2016

The Ruby team met at UTFPR, Curitiba, Brazil from February 29th to March 4th,
2016. This is the final sprint report, in which we summarize the work done.
During the sprint, we have published day by reports, which can be read at the
following locations:

* Day 1 - http://deb.li/3NPcI
* Day 2 - http://deb.li/V3il
* Day 3 - http://deb.li/3HWhE
* Day 4 - http://deb.li/2yAx
* Day 5 - http://deb.li/i3Wwc

We would like to thank first the Debian sponsors whose donations funded
travel and accommodation expenses for this print.

Our gratitude also goes to UTFPR (Federal Technological University of Paraná)
for providing us with a meeting room for the entire week.

## Participants:

* Tomasz Nitecki
* Cédric Boutillier
* Sebastien Badia
* Christian Hofstaedtler
* Thiago Ribeiro
* Lucas Kanashiro
* Lucas Moura
* Antonio Terceiro

## Bug fixes and improvements

This sprint had a strong focus on fixing bugs on team packages that
accumulate due to changes in new versions of the Ruby interpreter or of
core libraries and frameworks. During the sprint week and the subsequent
weekend (when there was a mini-Debconf in Curitiba, so a few of the
sprint attendees kept on hacking), we made 151 uploads¹, a little over
15% of the overal upload history of the whole Debian project in the
same period².

¹ source: UDD

  udd=> SELECT count(*) FROM upload_history
        WHERE date > '2016-02-29' AND date < '2016-03-07'
        AND key_id IN (
  (1 row)

² source: UDD

  udd=> SELECT count(*) FROM upload_history
        WHERE date > '2016-02-29' AND date < '2016-03-07';
  (1 row)

## Ruby 2.3

The sprint week was also when we were able to start and almost
completely finish the transition to Ruby 2.3 in unstable. Since then,
the transition has also reached testing, so if you are running Ruby on
unstable or testing, you are already using the version with which
stretch will be released.

As usual the transition has made some cross-package compatibility issues
surface, but since we still have quite some time until the freeze, there
is plenty of time to fix those to have.  the Ruby ecosystem in Debian in
very good shape for the release.

## Reproducibility improvements

The sprint was also an opportunity to improve our toolchain with regards
to reproducibility. Small changes in gem2deb made the percentage of
packages maintained by the Ruby team that are reproducible skyrocket, so
that today 95.2% of the team packages are reproducible!

## Conclusions

This is the third time the Ruby team holds a sprint, and we will
probably do it again. We strongly encourage other teams to have sprints,

* being together in a room with high communication bandwidth (as opposed
  to IRC and email) helps making relevant non-trivial technical
  decisions much quicker than usual.

* being able to socialize after work and collect good and fun memories
  beyond code helps build a sense of belonging in new team members, and
  strengthens the bonds between existing members.

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>

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