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Now building against Ruby 2.2 (and still against 2.1) in unstable

Hello everyone,

I have just uploaded ruby-defaults 1: to unstable, adding ruby2.2
to the list of supported interpreters. This means that from now on:

- `dh_ruby --print-supported` will print both ruby2.1 and ruby2.2
- gem2deb will build extensions for both ruby2.1 and ruby2.2 (for
  packages with extensions), and run tests against both ruby2.1 and

It is expected to find test suite failures and other types of problems
in packages that are not portable enough to run without modifications
under Ruby 2.2. Please help fixing such packages, and submitting any
patches upstream.

I should probably run a rebuild of all ruby packages soon and report the
results here.

Speaking of breaking things, can we please have ruby-spec >= 3 and
ruby-rspec-its in unstable? Several of the new versions of the packages
in the Chef stack depend on them. ;-)

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>

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