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Dropping ruby-commandline, or declaring it 1.8-only?


CommandLine::Application has a very nice API and used to work quite
fine for me, but it is not 1.9.1-compatible (it even fails to fail -
#676125, #676248). The last release was in 2005, and it does not exist
in Gem form (which means, it's very unlikely Ruby people care about it
at all).

I reimplemented dh-make-drupal to use OptionParser (which is in the
Ruby standard library) in about an hour. ruby-commandline has still
one reverse-dependency (via libcommandline-ruby1.8), dhelp.

Now, the question: Should we drop this package? Or should we build it
for 1.8 only? Of course, keeping it runnable under 1.9.1 is just not a
good idea (as it silently fails).

I don't think there is much value in keeping an equivalent option
parser given there is a functionally equivalent version in the
stdlib... but before filing for removal, I'd like your input.


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