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Re: RFS: ruby-capistrano-ext

Antonio Terceiro wrote:
> Taku YASUI escreveu isso aí:
> > I hope ruby-capistrano-ext will be upgraded as soon as possible.
> > This package enable selecting environment.

Thank you for doing this.

> I don't think capistrano-ext is useful, but if you want to spend your
> time on it, please go ahead. And BTW the last update of capistrano-ext
> was in 2008; I suspect that wouldn't be the case if it was actually that
> useful.

I use it.  I think a lot of people use it.  It is very useful.

I don't think a last update in 2008 is any indication of anything.  It
still works just fine.  What would you change about it?  If there
isn't anything to be changed then the files that are there are just


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