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Re: RFS: ruby-sdl

On 21/01/12 at 03:26 +0900, Youhei SASAKI wrote:
> Hi,
> I migrated libsdl-ruby to gem2deb based packaging and commit to team git repo.
> Please review it.
> There are 2 problems...
>   - Currently, the old (transitional) packages and new package has same
>     version number. How do we treat it?

Version it, so that everything works fine for binary packages.
>   - The upstream author release *same* source with different version
>     number. One is at rubyforge.org, the other is 2.1.1 at
>     rubygems.org.

Let's use so that it's greater than the previous version in

>     Fortunately, upstream author is my co-worker. So I consult this
>     problem to him.

There seems to be something broken with the git repo. The master branch
diverges from the upstream branch, and pristine-tar fails to generate
the orig.tar.gz file.


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