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On haml-elisp (and about taking it off the group)


Paul did a great job by migrating a package I had pending to do for a
long time, libhaml-ruby → ruby-haml. Now, this migration included a
deep split - Out of the original package, there is now a separate
ruby-sass... And the Emacs mode, haml-elisp, was dropped.

Nathan Weizenbaum, the upstream author, decided to no longer include
haml-elisp in the Haml sources. Gastón Ramos did part of the
repackaging and asked for some guidance on it. Now, I see the mode is
IMO no longer relevant to the group (it is used to write the templates
to a markup that exists in Ruby, but is no longer Ruby-specific). So,
I have deleted the repository from the group's and moved it to
collab-maint, to:



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