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status of 1.9[.3] and wheezy


Ruby 1.9.3 RC1 was released today.

I've updated the ruby1.9.1 package to that version (in the experimental
branch of the git repo).

I've also tried to rebuild all packages maintained by pkg-ruby-extras
(and using gem2deb) with that version with that version. The vast
majority built fine (inc. test suites): the new failures are
ruby-builder ruby-ole ruby-rspec-mocks ruby-spreadsheet.

So there are three things to decide.

1) should we upload that version to unstable, or to experimental? I'm
very much inclined to upload it to unstable, since it seems better than
1.9.2 in many regards.

2) should we make that version the default for wheezy? We don't need to
decide that yet, but I think that we should seriously consider that now.
(and I'm in favor of doing it).  The transition is looking very good
according to http://pkg-ruby-extras.alioth.debian.org/wheezy/ .

3) if we make 1.9.3 the default, should we drop 1.8 ? I'm also in favor
of doing that, to reduce the maintenance cost.


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