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Lucas Nussbaum escreveu isso aí:
> Hi,
> I had a chat with Tom Marble (Debian Java team). He mentioned that Java
> (which faces many of the issues that Ruby is facing) is using a
> update-java-alternatives tool to ease the switching between Ruby
> implementations.
> It can be found in the java-common package.
> We should definitely look at it and implement something similar.

I've hacked a little about it and came up with something we can build

My first idea was to add a new binary package to ruby-defaults called
ruby-common, containing a script called update-ruby-alternatives. The
policy could then specify that all Ruby interpreters must depend on
ruby-common so that update-ruby-alternatives will always be available
when there is any Ruby interpreter installed.

The source:
$ dget http://people.debian.org/~terceiro/ruby-defaults/ruby-defaults_4.9.dsc

I will push to a separate branch on ruby-defaults git repo as soon as I
get the needed permissions on alioth (there is a technical problem with
the groups synchronization there ATM).

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@softwarelivre.org>

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