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Re: Ruby packaging in wheezy: gem2deb, new policy, etc.

Lucas Nussbaum escreveu isso aí:
> So, according to the feedback on debian-devel@, we should probably
> duplicate the arch-independent part in every arch-dependent package, or
> introduce a ruby-foo-common package that contains the common parts.
> I suggest that we just duplicate the files if it doesn't prevent
> co-installability (i.e there are no files shipped in /usr/share, for
> example). And switch to ruby-foo-common if it's required to bring
> co-installability, or if the arch-independant parts are really huge.

I've updated the wiki page to reflect this.

> Now we need someone to implement this in gem2deb. hint hint. :-)

On the way. :-)

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@softwarelivre.org>

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