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Re: Candidate new Ruby policy, version 2

Lucas Nussbaum escreveu isso aí:
> [E] Dependencies between Ruby packages:
>     Applications that use the Ruby interpreter and ruby libraries:
>        MUST choose (and be tested) with a specific Ruby version, and
>        depend on the exact ruby version.
>        MUST depend on libruby1.X for that version of Ruby.
>        SHOULD NOT depend on ruby1.X directly, unless it needs the
>        interpreter binary.
>        MUST NOT depend on 'ruby'.

What about development tools such as rake, rcov etc? They can depend on
specific Ruby versions, but they are intended to be version-independent.
(even being able to test a library with several Ruby versions would
require in most cases using rake with several different Ruby versions)

Suppose I stick to ruby1.9 and rake's maintainer chooses that rake
depend on ruby1.8, this would force me to have the ruby1.8 stack
installed on my system even if I don't intend to use it, and I would be
forced to use `ruby1.9 /usr/bin/rake` to be able to use it with the ruby
version I prefer.

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