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Re: RFA: rtc.debian.org

Hi Elena,

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Quoting Elena ``of Valhalla'' (2019-05-01 13:09:14)
> I won't have time for it before june, but I'm interested in helping 
> with the XMPP part.
> I don't have experience with the rtc part and I'm not using it either.


Are you already familiar with prosody?  With Ansible?

You are most welcome in any case, I ask to help us understand who among 
us has what knowledge.

I am not familiar with prosody or Ansible myself (I use ejabberd and 
don't use automated configuration of my servers).

Please subscribe at 
if you are not already.  I am now doing the same myself, and when we're 
sure that works we can move admini-specific discussions there (and stop 
bother _users_ of the RTC services on this mailinglist).

 - Jonas

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