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Re: vogler.d.o runs stretch now! Next steps...

On 2018-01-17 17:45, Denver Gingerich wrote:
> As long as this firewall doesn't block all messages from addresses not in the users' rosters, it should be fine.

Blocking all messages from non-roster users would have been
possible already, AFAIK. But as you say, that would not be a
good solution.

> There are a few services that rely on such messages to get through (such as https://jmp.chat/ - disclosure: I run it) and there are lots of other ways to handle spam with a smaller stick.

The idea is to use mod_firewall and block messages of strangers,
that contain certain strings, e.g. "ddos" or "payout". Also some
well-known SPIM servers can be blacklisted. (This is what I got
from singpolyma, btw.)

IMHO, the blacklist and rules should be published somewhere, so
that everybody can understand, why a message is blocked and whom
to contact to get their server off the blacklist ;~)

> I'm happy to discuss other spam mitigation techniques if you're interested - we've managed to get to quite a good place with the personal server I use.

Yes, please! Just post to this list, I'm curious!

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