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vogler.d.o runs stretch now! Next steps...

Thanks to Julien Cristau, vogler runs stretch now. This means:
prosody 0.9.12-2,
prosody-modules 0.0~hg20170123.3ed504b944e5+dfsg-1,
repro 1:1.11.0~beta1-3, and
resiprocate-turn-server 1:1.11.0~beta1-3.

If anybody experiences problems with SIP or XMPP on vogler.d.o,
please reply to this list!

Next steps regarding prosody - to be discussed:
 - upgrade prosody and prosody-modules to the versions in
 - activate XMPP firewall
 - activate other useful modules, e.g. HTTP upload, MAM, ...
 - move storage from RAM to SQLite?
 - maybe add biboumi component (IRC gateway) from stretch-bpo?

What do you think?

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