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Short summary of the XMPP BoF at DebConf17


there were ten people, having an agile discussion about different
use cases of XMPP. Those are the points probably most interesting
to others (IMHO, YMMV, etc.):

 - Many suffer of SPIM (spam on IM), there is no silver bullet yet.
   Debian has gajim-antispam, mod_firewall in prosody-modules etc.
   Related to Debians XMPP server we will discuss this on Friday.

 - Interesting XMPP software not yet in Debian:
    * cheogram: Bridge between XMPP MUC and SMS
    * fbgate: Facebook XMPP Gateway
    * blather: XMPP DSL (and more) for Ruby
    * vines: XMPP chat server for Ruby
   Please package stuff! (No RFPs nor ITPs yet.)

 - Mention supported XEPs in long package description, if
   applicable, of XMPP servers, clients, and libraries. This way
   users can better check compatibility etc. See prosody-modules.


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