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Re: Unsatisfactory situation of debian.org XMPP server

On 08/11/16 21:41, W. Martin Borgert wrote:
> Hi,
> I heard from some DDs that they refuse to use the XMPP server,
> because it is not yet configured well.
> Is there any way I could help or support?

Absolutely, I have been spending more time on development rather than
operational issues over the last few months, especially with all the
GSoC students we had on RTC this year.

If everything you need is in jessie-backports, then you can raise an RT
ticket for DSA to install/upgrade the necessary packages and change

Are you able to log in to vogler.debian.org?  That is where it all runs.

Will anybody else be at Cambridge this weekend?  It could be a good
place to discuss it.



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