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Problems federating to jabber.de, jabber.at, ... XMPP-servers with jessie prosody


after having set up a Debian jessie XMPP-server with prosody, I have
problems connecting and receiving messages from other servers like for
example jabber.de or jabber.at.  The error message is:

Apr 23 19:58:11 stanzarouter    warn    Unhandled c2s_unauthed stream element or stanza: result; xmlns=jabber:server:dialback: <result xmlns='jabber:server:dialback' to='myhost.de' from='jabber.de'>126931e13daa0349e97205a22677f0975ab5df02598d5acaea6b915ce2ec0e17</result>
Apr 23 19:58:11 c2s9f53b0       info    c2s stream for <> closed: unsupported-stanza-type
Apr 23 19:58:11 c2s9f53b0       info    Client disconnected: connection closed

Searching in the web gave me no clue about the issue, and before,
using the debian.org XMPP services, I had no problems.  I use the
jessie prosody package 0.9.7-2+deb8u3.

Any ideas what could be wrong?  Thanks in advance and best regards,


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