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Re: grub patches for Debian risc-v support

On Mon, 2022-12-05 at 15:29 +0000, YF X wrote:

> These are the patches for booting linux on risc-v using grub, all of
> them are already on upstream, but not added on Debian's salsa repo.
> I tried merging the patches and building them, it should have little
> to no problem to add these patch.
> It seems that Debian's repo is missing a lot of upstream stuff, and I
> wonder if these patches will be merged with the source code updates,
> or just these patches?

I suggest that you discuss this with the grub2 maintainers, probably
by submitting a merge request to the grub git repository on salsa:


Then send a link to it to the existing bug report and add the patch tag
and mark the bug as forwarded to the merge request using this mail:

   To: 995718@bugs.debian.org
   Control: tags -1 + patch fixed-upstream
   Control: forwarded -1 https://salsa.debian.org/grub-team/grub/merge_requests/NN
   I have merged the patches for this and tested them on RISC-V
   hardware (details here), please merge the above change request.



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