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The brief status of Debian riscv porting --2022/12/04


In the past two weeks, the number of built has reached a new high.
It is about 15480[0]. There are many people to help here again.
On the IRC, many people help debug FTBFS issues on riscv64 also.
This is really helpful.

Now the freeze time[1] of bookworm is getting closer and closer, so,
It is unlikely that the release arch of bookworm will include riscv64.
Although many people have worked hard for this and the quality of
riscv64 has in a good shape[2]. But the good news is that we can have
more high-performance and affordable riscv64 hardware. We can more
calmly deal with the porting of Debian RISC-V in a better software
and hardware ecology. In my personal wishlist, Debian can run on all
RISC-V hardware, from Iot to HPC...:)

[0]: https://buildd.debian.org/status/architecture.php?a=riscv64&suite=sid
[1]: https://release.debian.org/bookworm/freeze_policy.html
[2]: https://release.debian.org/bookworm/arch_qualify.html
  Bo YU

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