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Packaging gcc-riscv32-elf bare-metal cross compiler

If there is still interest in having this package in Debian (which I
think should be called gcc-riscv32-elf if it's to produce ELF binaries),
I think I'm well-suited to take this on given I already maintain gcc-sh-
elf. It's true that we can't package every cross toolchain, but I think
RISC V is pretty special in the free software ecosystem, and I hope this
is welcome in the Electronics Team. Note that Binutils is not packaged
yet; that will be needed, and I can open an ITP if this mail is received

I anticipate that an ISO C standard library will be wanted. I can make
the package build Newlib and a GDB simulator, just as I've done for gcc-
sh-elf, in a bootstrappable way.

If this is so welcome, would someone from the Electronics Team make me
empty Git repos at

If anyone would like to co-maintain it, help writing autopkgtests, offer
words of support, or is looking to learn, do feel free to contact me.

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