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Re: Draft about bi-weekly status for debian-riscv ports


On Mon, Apr 18, 2022 at 01:04:13PM +0800, Bo YU wrote:
> The proposal is:
> I will make a bi-weekly report about debian-riscv and it includes but not
> limited to:
>     * debian-ci bug report about riscv64 arch. I think these bugreports
> will flood into the ML in near future.
>     * debian-buildd statistics. The debian-buildd for riscv64 is more
> complex now. But new hardware resources are available in May from rvlab
> [2]. So we can still view the page [3] to continue to fix FTBFS issue for
> riscv.
>     * Special issue to affect port progress. For example, The unmatched
> board does not support HDMI output, IIRC.
>     * packages (here is my billshit)
>     ** firefox. I am stuck here
>     ** QT
>     ** Libreoffice
>     ** ...
> Welcome add some suggestions here and I will glace at it.
> But I am a bit worried about that will bring the noise to the community and
> this is not what I want, so if you feel uncomfortable please tell me.

I noticed that there haven't been any on-list responses to this, so I'll
give my 2 cents.  Though, I'm not (yet!) a contributor to the risc-v efforts,
so perhaps I'm not the best person to advise.

Anyway, I've been following the list for a while, and have some interest in
helping, but haven't really found a place where I felt I wanted to "dive
in".  So I think it's great that you're wanting to do this, as it could help
some of us get an idea where we'd be most useful.

Best regards,

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