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Draft about bi-weekly status for debian-riscv ports

About two months ago, I was inspired by the [0] and had luckily the opportunity to get help from the mail list to try port Debian packages to riscv. Certainly, Because I was new to Debian's development let alone about porting(deep technically). Now I am learning little by little about porting with your all help, thanks again.

And now I feel the debian-riscv mail list that is a little inactive. I am sure this is due to most packages [1] having been ported by many Debian people's great work:)

Now I have a native proposal about how to let people who want to quickly learn about the current situation about porting of debian-riscv with real-time in a sense. Based on that information, the people who are interested in porting riscv64 on Debian can pick something they want to do as much as possible.

The proposal is:

I will make a bi-weekly report about debian-riscv and it includes but not limited to:
    * debian-ci bug report about riscv64 arch. I think these bugreports will flood into the ML in near future.
    * debian-buildd statistics. The debian-buildd for riscv64 is more complex now. But new hardware resources are available in May from rvlab [2]. So we can still view the page [3] to continue to fix FTBFS issue for riscv.
    * Special issue to affect port progress. For example, The unmatched board does not support HDMI output, IIRC. 
    * packages (here is my billshit)
    ** firefox. I am stuck here
    ** QT
    ** Libreoffice
    ** ...
Welcome add some suggestions here and I will glace at it.

But I am a bit worried about that will bring the noise to the community and this is not what I want, so if you feel uncomfortable please tell me.


[0]: https://people.debian.org/~mafm/posts/2019/20190617_debian-gnulinux-riscv64-port-in-mid-2019/
[1]: https://buildd.debian.org/stats/graph-ports-quarter-big.png
[2]: https://github.com/plctlab/riscv-lab-access
[3]: https://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ftbfs.cgi?arch=riscv64

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