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Surveys/polls/questionaires/interviews within the Debian project

Hi folks,

do you know of any papers or other publications which used
surveys/polls/questionaires/interviews, ideally email-based in the
Debian project? I am writing up my research approach and while I can
completely back up my choices, it'd be nice to reference other
studies. Unfortunately, I have not found any usable ones. If you
know of publications that make use of survey techniques in our
project, would you be so kind to let me know?


Martin F. Krafft        <mailto:martin.krafft@ul.ie>
Ph.D. student           http://phd.martin-krafft.net
I investigate the use and adoption (or rejection) of tools and
techniques in the Debian Project. Specifically, I am investigating
why some approaches to packaging and package maintenance spread very
quickly, while others never get more than a few users. Debian is one
of the largest open-source projects, with several thousand volunteer
contributors. I am one of the developers, and interested in
improving the efficiency of our workflows.
Lero - the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre
University of Limerick, Ireland

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