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Article in Information Systems Research.

Hello everbody,

  [First of all, since it is my first post on this list, I would like to
  say a word about why I subscribed to it. I am interseted in social
  networks because they share tools and concepts with gene networks,
  whose analysis is my full-time job. I am therefore lurking on this
  list just in case something interesting on this subject is posted.]

My automatic bibliographic searches picked the following article, that
may be relevant to the research of some of you:

Emergence of New Project Teams from Open Source Software Developer
Networks: Impact of Prior Collaboration Ties
Hahn, J., Moon, J. Y., Zhang, C.
Information Systems Research 2008 19: p. 369-391

It is unfortunately published in a non-open journal for which my
institution does not have a subscription, so I can not tell more about
the potential interest of this article.

Have a nice weekend,

Charles Plessy
Tsurumi, Kanagawa, Japan

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