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post to ohloh.net "suggestions"


guys: i recommend that you contact this project, it could be
a highly useful way to promote the social debian research stuff
and a lot more.

this is what i put in the "suggestions" box at 

--- snip ---

http://lkcl.net lkcl@lkcl.net



talk to the guy who set up debian academics mailing list,
and get from him the list of suggestions of metrics that
i recommended to him that he explore for his social /
psychology research into debian's effectiveness.

the things i suggested include:

* measuring whether the project has a charter, and a
vision statement, and a mission statement, and both
a self-assessment and an external assessment of the
"completion" and "attitude towards completing" and
fulfilling the mission statement and whether the charter
is effective

this may sound weird but it's vitally important!

* assessing whether there are things or people or
attitudes that CONTRIBUTE to the project and whether
there are things, people or attitudes that AGGRAVATE
the project.  this can be useful overall in guaging a
"health" metric of the project, in an objective assessment
of subjective measures (!)

* assessing projects cross-project overall, in groups,
 or "relations" - by expressing that e.g. Wine's involvement
in DCE/RPC "CONTRIBUTES" to Samba's involvement
in DCE/RPC - that *automatically* creates a cross-project
grouping that then needs to be assessed and monitored,
overall, to double-check the "health" of that relationship,
possibly by letting people submit URLs containing key
information and insights (so a tagged version of digg or
del.icio.us but actually a _useful_ one based on some
relationship that others have expressed as USEFUL or

* goals.  does the project, and do the people, have clear

* does the web site meet the criteria of users, and what
*kind* of users?  e.g. take a look at bayonne.org, it's
VERY very user-hostile ("AGGRAVATES" users).
compare with ubuntu.org and it's abundantly clear
that the web site "CONTRIBUTES" to the health and
usefulness of the ubuntu project.

much much more - but that is a beginning.

lkcl.net - visionary, spiritual healer (in training),
poet, free software advocate and creative architect
"Knowledge is often mistaken for intelligence.
This is like mistaking a cup of milk for a cow."

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