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Re: planning a survey

also sprach Gaudenz Steinlin <gaudenz@debian.org> [2006.09.06.1742 +0200]:
> Have you already thought about the form of the survey (only DDs,
> all  contributers, anonymous or not, web based, email, questions,
> ...).

I want to survey active contributors, so basically anyone who's
fixed bugs, committed to VCS, or uploaded packages lately. Come to
think of it, I may write to these people in person, ideally using
a software to address them by name to get rid of the mass mail

> I'm also not quite sure if such a survey would be appreciated by
> the  "survyed" DDs or if they would be rather annoyed.

Some will, some won't. I am willing to take the risk after putting
in a lot of effort to make sure the survey is top quality and

Speaking of which, I would like to provide an email *and* a web
interface, just to give people the choice. I am a huge email fan,
but I found surveys to be easier with the mouse.

> For me to be usefull the survey can't be anonymous. To take full
> advantage of the data I need to map the answers of the survey to
> the  other contributions of the same person. Of course there won't
> be any  names in the final report!

I don't really care either way. I would suggest asking them for an
email address but also provide a check box to submit anonymously. In
this case, the confirmation page would just give them an ID to use
for future submissions. You can't count on everyone doing this, but
it'll be best.

I hope I can get by with a single survey (and lots of interviews).

Maybe you can disclose some more information about what you're
trying to find out from people, either here or in private mail, so
we can assess whether we can merge the two surveys.

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