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Re: planning a survey

Hi Martin

I would be very interested. I'm thinking about doing something similar myself for my master thesis, which is broadly about social status and social networks in free software communities. I plan to gather empirical data from Debian mailinglists and other Debian sources (bug reports, package changelogs, uploads, ...). I'm not yet sure if I will/have to also do a survey.

Have you already thought about the form of the survey (only DDs, all contributers, anonymous or not, web based, email, questions, ...).

I'm also not quite sure if such a survey would be appreciated by the "survyed" DDs or if they would be rather annoyed.

For me to be usefull the survey can't be anonymous. To take full advantage of the data I need to map the answers of the survey to the other contributions of the same person. Of course there won't be any names in the final report!


Quoting martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org>:

Hi academic Debianers,

I am planning to take a survey of developers in Debian, and I was
wondering whether anyone would be interested in teaming up. This is
a question out of the blue as it's not exactly a common thing to
survey DDs, but maybe you are also thinking about it.

Also, if you just have a question you'd like to be included in such
a survey, let me know. No promises, but maybe... in the end, the
goal is to keep the survey short, but if your question fits...

I might approach -project or -devel with similar questions at
a later point in time. For now, let's keep it local.

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