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MariaDB 10.2 into Debian in December


MariaDB 10.2 is now in beta and about to be released in December.
Considering the announced freeze dates, is there something I should
consider before preparing and uploading mariadb-10.2 to replace

Can mariadb-10.0 to mariadb-10.2 upgrade be considered as a transition
and thus forbidden after November 5th? In my opinion no, but I guess
it is better to check from you first.

Stretch key dates
[2016-Nov-05] Transition freeze
[2016-Dec-05] Mandatory 10-day migrations
[2017-Jan-05] Soft freeze (no new packages, no re-entry, 10-day migrations)
[2017-Feb-05] Full freeze

My plan is to upload 10.2 beta into experimental soon, and the final
10.2 to unstable when released. This will also mean the
default-mysql-* metapackages will be updated to point to mariadb-10.2
derived binary packages.

(And yes, I am skipping 10.1 and going directly to 10.2)

- Otto

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