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Bug#839242: jessie-pu: package linkchecker/9.3-1

Control: reopen -1

[p-u bugs get closed when the package is in stable, not as part of the upload]

On 2016-10-03 14:26, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
On 2016-10-02 18:05:07, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
Thanks. With the changelog distribution changed to "jessie", please go

I assume you meant "stable", as documented in the developer's reference
and that I have used before.

No, I meant "jessie" - please presume I might know what I'm doing here. :-) "stable" will work, but the codename is preferred, as it is more self-documenting.

DevRef is not an authorative source, particularly over the request of the person wearing the relevant hat. (Nevertheless, it does correctly document ${codename}-security for uploads to the security archive, so it would be useful to be explicit for stable as well.)



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