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Re: libvpx transition

On 15/05/15 16:30, Sebastian Dröge wrote:
> Hi Emilio,
> I indeed forgot that, sorry!
> On Fr, 2015-05-15 at 16:21 +0200, Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
>> Hi Sebastian,
>> There's an uncoordinated transition for libvpx in unstable. I suppose you didn't
>> remember the soname had changed when re-uploading to unstable now that  the
>> freeze is over. It affects a few of packages and I do wonder whether the rdeps
>> will build just fine or not. I saw this[1] and shows that a few symbols were
>> removed, but I don't know if that affects our rdeps.
> All recent rdeps should build fine against the new version of the
> library. The removed symbols shouldn't be used by anything (at least I'm
> not aware of any user), the bigger problem is that some compatibility
> #defines disappeared from the headers.
> But I expect everything recent to build just fine. The only thing that
> probably doesn't is gst-plugins-bad0.10, but that one should really just
> die and disappear from the archive.
>> Can you check if the rdeps are fine, so we can schedule binNMUs if appropriate?
> Please schedule binNMUs for everything except gst-plugins-bad0.10, that
> will have to be patched a little. If any of the binNMUs fails for
> whatever reason, patching the packages should be a matter of sed (I'll
> check then).

Great, I have scheduled the binNMUs. Let's see how things go.


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