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Bug#687761: pu: package lvm/2.02.66-5.1

On Sat, 2012-09-15 at 17:03 +0200, Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> I've prepared a NMU for lvm that fixes #603036: "lvm2: fails to install
> due to incorrect dependencies in init.d LSB header"
> I'm just adding the udev dependency to the lvm2 package, not touching
> the initscript (which has been updated for wheezy to make udev
> optional). This just makes the current situation (udev has to be
> installed for lvm to work) explicit.

As a rule of thumb, we generally prefer taking the fixes used in
unstable where they're applicable, as they've (in theory) been better

Please could you expand a little on why you feel adding the dependency
would be a better solution than making the use of udev optional via the
LSB headers as (as you noted) was done for wheezy?



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