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Bug#681717: unblock: openjpeg/1.3+dfsg-4.4

On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 5:18 AM, Jon Severinsson wrote:
> Release note that this bug blocks sound from working in wine and other i386
> applications on amd64 in wheezy for many configurations (including mine).
> That is because libopenjpeg2 is required by libavcodec53 which is required by
> libasound2-plugins, which I need in both amd64 and i386 flavours to get sound
> to work in both 64 and 32 bit applications.

Trying this one more time since I would really like the wine sound
situation to be of high quality with the wheezy release.

Attached is a patch (diffed against testing) that reverts back to
debhelper 5 but otherwise retains the multiarch conversion, which is
needed to resolve said sound situation.

I know this is late, and its been late, but multiarch openjpeg has
been in unstable for over 60 days without issue related to multiarch.
So, in my opinion its far less risky than it may seem.  But anyway I
certainly respect alternative viewpoints.

Anyway, the patch attached is for review and I will not upload without

In related news, Paul Tagliamonte and I are heading up a BSP at Ohio
Linux Fest next week (Sept. 28-30).  I'm going to be working on rc
bugs there anyway, but if this gets approved and causes any rc bugs,
during that event I will personally commit to fixing 5 times as
manybugs as those caused.  So, anyway hopefully that offsets some of
the risk averseness (appropriately) present in the release team.
Anyway, even if there is a new bug, you get far fewer overall.
Hopefully, that's a reasonable trade.

Best wishes,

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