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Bug#684871: unblock: nvidia-graphics-drivers/304.37-1, nvidia-settings/304.37-1, nvidia-xconfig/304.37-1

On 2012-09-15 19:17, Julien Cristau wrote:
>> Please unblock packages nvidia-graphics-drivers, nvidia-settings, and
>> nvidia-xconfig.
> I unblocked the driver, mostly because of the ia32 package changes and
> security fix.  Not sure I want to spend time on the other two.

nvidia-settings has seen a lot of changes following the 304 series
driver development. It's not recommended to have these two not in sync.

nvidia bundles prebuilt binaries of nvidia-settings and nvidia-xconfig
with their binary driver, but these are not used by our packages,
instead we build the binaries ourselves from the source nvidia releases.
Unfortunately that way we can show a huge source code diff ... that
would have been hidden (and ignored) if we used the binaries from the
blob ...


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