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Bug#687765: unblock: adanaxisgpl/1.2.5.dfsg.1-4.1, bzr-stats/0.1.0+bzr51-1 and gnat-gps/5.0-13

Hi Adam,

On 15.09.2012 18:24, Adam D. Barratt wrote:
> iirc I skipped it on a recent run through looking for possible unblocks,
> as it wasn't entirely clear to me why the absolute_import changes had
> been added and whether they might have any non-obvious impact.  They
> don't appear to be in upstream's version of the fix.

Fair enough.

> There's already a request as #686547, and an earlier mail to the
> maintainers requesting a t-p-u upload
> (<MID:50431AD9.2060909@thykier.net>).

Sorry, you're right. I missed that. That said, I may prepare a NMU to
apologize for making your work :)

>> Package dnsmasq-base/2.63-3
>>     #686694 -- dnsmasq-base: fails to install: missing Depends: adduser
>>     There is a maintainer upload which adds a new upstream version as
>> well (despite the missing changelog entry mentioning that). The same as
>> for calibre applies here, a debdiff is not attached due to its size.
> There's also a moving around of package content.  The new upstream's
> debian changelog is dated mid-June, but it doesn't seem to have been
> uploaded until two months later. :-(

I tried to backport the patch right now until I realized the issue was
in Sid only. The Wheezy package does not include any maintainer script
for dnsmasq-base. Weird rules files FTW. I've properly tagged #686694
now, so that Wheezy is not affected anymore.

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
IRC: daemonkeeper on Freenode/OFTC
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