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Bug#687765: unblock: adanaxisgpl/1.2.5.dfsg.1-4.1, bzr-stats/0.1.0+bzr51-1 and gnat-gps/5.0-13

On Sat, 2012-09-15 at 17:51 +0200, Arno Töll wrote:
> The packages below have a release critical bug in Debian Testing, which
> is fixed in Debian Unstable. They do miss an unblock request, however:

Thanks for the list.  As a general rule of thumb one package per bug is
easier to track, although I can appreciate that's more annoying to
file. :-)

> Package adanaxisgpl/1.2.5.dfsg.1-4.1
>     Fixing #667094 -- adanaxisgpl: ftbfs with GCC-4.7
>     The debdiff is minimal and only adds -fpermissive to CXXFLAGS [1]

It also introduces #675845, although the bug report suggests that may be
a kbsd kernel headers issue.  I've given it back to see what happens.

> Package bzr-stats/0.1.0+bzr51-1
>     Fixing #686138 -- bzr-stats: incompatibility with bzr 2.6
>     This is a full maintainer upload, but the debdiff looks pretty
> minimal and acceptable. However, it does some packaging related changes.
> YMMV. The debdiff is attached

iirc I skipped it on a recent run through looking for possible unblocks,
as it wasn't entirely clear to me why the absolute_import changes had
been added and whether they might have any non-obvious impact.  They
don't appear to be in upstream's version of the fix.

> Package gnat-gps/5.0-13
>     #684194 -- gnat-gps: /u/s/d/gnat-gps is empty after upgrade from squeeze
>     The upload fixes the bug only. A debdiff is attached

The package FTBFS on mipsel and sparc, so the BTS still regards it as
affecting unstable (and therefore so does britney).  I've given it back
on those architectures to see if it's more successful.

> At this point I gave up. Sometimes people are making life to you really
> complicated, I understand your frustration now. :)

Heh, thanks.

> Here are some unblock requsts you are unlikely to accept.
> Package calibre/0.8.64+dfsg-1:
>     Fixing #653328 -- calibre: Calibre Quick Start Guide under
> Non-Commercial License
>     Note, the maintainer packaged a new upstream version which generates
> a large delta between the Wheezy and Testing version. The RC bugfix
> itself could be extracted for a t-p-u update only easily, however.
> Please CC 653328 in case you won't unblock this request.

There's already a request as #686547, and an earlier mail to the
maintainers requesting a t-p-u upload

> Package dnsmasq-base/2.63-3
>     #686694 -- dnsmasq-base: fails to install: missing Depends: adduser
>     There is a maintainer upload which adds a new upstream version as
> well (despite the missing changelog entry mentioning that). The same as
> for calibre applies here, a debdiff is not attached due to its size.

There's also a moving around of package content.  The new upstream's
debian changelog is dated mid-June, but it doesn't seem to have been
uploaded until two months later. :-(



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