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Bug#687632: pre-approve unblock: tryton-modules-calendar-classification/2.2.1-1

* Betr.: " Re: Bug#687632: pre-approve unblock:
  tryton-modules-calendar-classification/2.2.1-1" (Fri, 14 Sep 2012 13:18:54

Hello Adam,

> [The comments below are relevant for at least some of the other 
> tryton-* requests, I've just chosen to reply to this one]
 > On 14.09.2012 13:01, Mathias Behrle wrote:
> > please approve the upload of 
> > tryton-modules-calendar-classification_2.2.1-1.
> >
> > The new version contains the upstream bug fix release [1].
> >
> > The fixes are for
> >
> >  * Convert buffer into string for vobject
> That's really not a particular helpful description for deciding whether 
> the upload is appropriate for an unblock; upstream's changelog of "* Bug 
> fixes (see mercurial logs for details)" doesn't provide much elucidation 
> either.
> Please could you provide more information as to what bugs / problems 
> are actually resolved by the changes?

This issue is caused by the migration of the binary field format to buffer [1].
Writing and reading from the DB affords the conversion from buffer to string.

Would it be adequate to post for each package the link to the mercurial
repository? The standard commit messages are linked to the reviews [1] and/or
issue numbers in the bug tracker of tryton.org to provide easy tracking
information. For this package the link can be found at [2].

What I did already per package is to summarize those commit messages as provided
in the mercurial logs. Could you please just mark the messages, where you need
more detailed information?

The Tryton project itself is very conservative with respect to bug fixes. They
are always transplants from trunk (and in the case of version 2.2 from the
higher stable version 2.4) and never require a database update.
Before making their way into Debian they are tested by a wide public. The very
low number of bug reports of Tryton packages in Debian can be seen as a hint
for the stability of the software. For wheezy the Tryton maintainers even
decided to not upload the current version 2.4, but to stick to 2.2 to be
absolutely sure to get a real stable version into wheezy. This all to say, that
a bugfix release in Tryton *never* will contain a feature, but is a real bugfix
release. that can be applied at minimal risk.

[1] http://codereview.tryton.org/426003/diff/1/calendar_.py
[2] http://hg.tryton.org/2.2/modules/calendar_classification


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