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Bug#687632: pre-approve unblock: tryton-modules-calendar-classification/2.2.1-1

[The comments below are relevant for at least some of the other tryton-* requests, I've just chosen to reply to this one]

On 14.09.2012 13:01, Mathias Behrle wrote:
please approve the upload of tryton-modules-calendar-classification_2.2.1-1.

The new version contains the upstream bug fix release [1].

The fixes are for

 * Convert buffer into string for vobject

That's really not a particular helpful description for deciding whether the upload is appropriate for an unblock; upstream's changelog of "* Bug fixes (see mercurial logs for details)" doesn't provide much elucidation either.

Please could you provide more information as to what bugs / problems are actually resolved by the changes?



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