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Bug#684963: unblock: bouncycastle/1.44+dfsg-3.1

On 15/08/12 10:11, James Page wrote:

The root cause of this issue is that the version of bouncycastle in
testing does not include maven artifacts; this is included in the
version in unstable (from 1.44+dfsg-3 onwards) but due to a new upstream
release (1.46) which only builds for Java 6+ this addition has never
migrated to testing due to build failures on archs which don't use
openjdk (kfreebsd-* and hurd-i386).

I see that bouncycastle/1.44+dfsg-3 was uploaded on Jul 10, 2011.
Why didn't it migrate?


Mehdi Dogguy مهدي الدڤي

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