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Bug#680740: unblock: tahoe-lafs/1.9.2-1

> But then please don't spend your night on that particular package. While I
> was replying to you, someone raised a bug (#683331) that should probably
> be fixed before tahoe-lafs would be included in wheezy. So I'll probably
> close this one, and schedule inclusion for Wheezy+1 if possible (cause it
> means packaging new python modules, yeepi, glad to learn that *now*)

Hm, #683331 is that tahoe-lafs exits immediately with an error on
startup if there is no "ifconfig" executable, which means tahoe-lafs
package depends on the net-tools package. That is just as true of
Tahoe-LAFS 1.9.1 as of 1.9.2, so the existence of that bug is probably
not a reason to leave 1.9.1 in Wheezy.

I would recommend that you upgrade to 1.9.2 (after Julien inspects the
changes), and also that you fix #683331 by adding a dependency on

Julien: whether or not Tahoe-LAFS gets upgraded from 1.9.1 to 1.9.2 in
Wheezy, I am very interested in the results of your inspection of the
diff. If there are any questionable changes in there, I would like to
hear about it.



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