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Bug#680740: unblock: tahoe-lafs/1.9.2-1

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 23:01:00 +0200, bertagaz@ptitcanardnoir.org wrote:

> Dunno what to say, appart that 1.9.1 *is* broken, and it shouldn't be
> shipped into wheezy, as it *has been reported* to be so to upstream by
> many users.
Ok, that's good to know.  Though if it's that broken one wonders why it
took 8 months to get fixed.

> I believe you don't think micah and I did upload a shitty package
> unrelated to what is in alioth's repo, nor that we didn't track what
> upstream did between the releases.
You have no idea what junk we see...  (Not sure what alioth's repo has
to do with this though.)  And my job here is to not trust anybody, so
don't take it personally :)

> I also hope you don't intend to review all tahoe-lafs's code, it's
> quite a complicated piece of software, and it has been a question of some
> days late for this release to be included in Wheezy.
> I appreciate that upstream's devs take time to follow and participate into
> Debian's process by replying to the BTS and giving advices and hints about
> changes. I hope they won't feel that their words aren't considered nor
> trusted as they should. They also did shorten their release process to be
> as close as possible to Debian's freeze.
> Please spend some more time digging into it. Hope my follow up is helpful.
Well I'm spending my evening on it...


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