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Re: Bits from the nippy Release Team

On Fri, 2012-07-27 at 19:47 +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Adam D. Barratt dixit:
> >Any remaining automatic exceptions will therefore be retired after the
> >final britney run on July 30th - i.e. one month after freeze.
> That’s a drastic thing to do with this short a notice,

It's really not.  The point of automatic freeze exceptions is two-fold -
firstly to try and avoid a last minute "urgency=high" upload rush and
secondly to avoid a lot of unblock request filing and processing at the
beginning of the freeze.  Neither of those things should provide any
expectation of longevity.

(I'm not actually sure we even announced the disabling for Squeeze, and
to my knowledge there were the total of zero comments or complaints.)

> especially considering nobody has bothered to fix the
> nodejs thing yet, and at least mediawiki-extensions,
> via some ECMAscript library, is waiting on this.

nodejs has never been in testing and was in no state to do so at the
time of the freeze.  The likelihood that it was going to make the
release has thus always been low, to say the least.

More specifically, automatic freeze exceptions apply _to the version of
the package which was in unstable at the point of the freeze_ (we have
mentioned that at least twice on dda, and it's in the freeze policy
document, also linked from dda).  Fixing nodejs will require a new
source upload, which would immediately render the automatic exception
invalid in any case.



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