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Re: Bits from the nippy Release Team

Adam D. Barratt dixit:

>Any remaining automatic exceptions will therefore be retired after the
>final britney run on July 30th - i.e. one month after freeze.

That’s a drastic thing to do with this short a notice,
especially considering nobody has bothered to fix the
nodejs thing yet, and at least mediawiki-extensions,
via some ECMAscript library, is waiting on this.

[00:02] <Vutral> gecko: benutzt du emacs ?
[00:03] <gecko> nö          [00:03] <gecko> nur n normalen mac
[00:04] <Vutral> argl       [00:04] <Vutral> ne den editor
	-- Vutral und gecko2 in #deutsch (NB: Editor? Betriebssystem.)

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